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* Blackrod Library Reopens Monday 12th October 2020*

Great news! Blackrod Library to reopen on Monday 12th October 2020. The Library is certainly looking forward to seeing the return of friends, old and new.

* Police surgery between 6-7pm on August 11th 2020 *

Members of Greater Manchester Police (PCSO) will be hosting a police surgery between 6-7pm on August 11th 2020 The event will be hosted at the Blackrod Community Centre and those attending are requested to observe Government Guidelines on Social distancing.

* Doctors Surgery. Blackrod: Covid Response *

Local residents are understandably raising concerns due to the ongoing temporary limited access to the Blackrod Health Centre and Doctor’s surgery, due to the COVID pandemic.

In an attempt to allay these concerns , representatives of Blackrod Town Council have had discussions with the Practice Management Team within the Unsworth Practice based at Peter House Surgery in Westhoughton, in order to ascertain how the current building restrictions in Blackrod Health Centre has come about.

The Town Council have been informed that there were several reasons as to why the Unsworth Group have reluctantly taken the decision to temporarily deny access to the Blackrod Health Centre building. However, it should be noted that the Town Council have been informed that whilst currently everyone is working and making decisions within an environment that has not been seen before, that there are no plans to close the Blackrod Surgery on a permanent basis and that the medical needs of Blackrod patients are being addressed via alternative methods at the moment.

Management within the Unsworth Group have also stated that they fully understand the concerns being raised by residents and that they are doing all that they can to protect all of their patients in both Blackrod and Westhoughton , as well as staff, and should any resident have any medical concerns that they wish to discuss, they should ring the surgery directly, where every effort will be made to address any issues they may have.

Telephone Numbers of both surgeries are:

Blackrod Health Centre on Church Street: 01204697229

Westhoughton Practice at Peters House, Captain Lees Road: 01942812525


The Town Council in keeping with Government guidance on social distancing will continue to hold extraordinary meetings through remote means until further notice. Please watch the web page or Council noticeboards for ongoing information or contact the Town Clerk on 01204696362. Thank you for your support.

* Public Announcement - COVID containment *

Public Announcement

Following the Government’s briefing on COVID containment and recognising our social responsibility to others, the Town Council is regretfully postponing the following meetings.

Meeting of the Town Council - Monday April 6th 2020 7pm

Annual Assembly Meeting - Tuesday 21st April 2020 7.30pm (Co-ordinated by the Town Council)

Meeting of the Town Council - Monday 4th May 2020 at 7pm

Annual General Meeting/ Mayor Making - Monday 11th May 2020 at 7.15pm

Civic Sunday - Sunday 17th May 2020

Moving forward, The situation will be reviewed on a monthly basis and local residents and visitors will be notified of any changes as they happen wherever possible.

The Town Clerk and Councillors will remain available for contact by telephone and email with a request that visits to the Council Offices be kept for those of an essential nature only. The Town Council hopes that the need for these measures will be a short one and that all residents, visitors and friends of the village remain in the best of health.

Thank you.

* Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum of 26th March 2020 postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus *

The planned Referendum on the 26th March 2020 has been postponed until a future date due to the coronavirus. The new date will be decided in line with Government advice and legislation which will then be actioned by Bolton Council.

Please see this file Letter-Blackrod-Cancellation.pdf for more information.

* Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan "Referendum Information Statement", Referendum Date: Thursday 26th March 2020 *

Please see this file Information-Statement-Blackrod-Neighbourhood-Plan-Referendum.pdf for more information.

* Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan "Notice of Referendum", Referendum Date: Thursday 26th March 2020 *

Please see this file Notice-of-Referendum-Blackrod-Neighbourhood-Plan.pdf for more information.

* Former Town Mayor and Blackrod Councillor, Mr Ian Hamilton *

Sadly, we have been informed that a former Town Mayor and Blackrod Councillor, Mr Ian Hamilton passed away on 2nd February. His funeral will be held at St Katharine’s Church, Blackrod on Friday 14th February at 1.15pm, followed by a service at Overdale at 2.15pm. Ian served on Blackrod Town Council for a number of years and held the position of Town Mayor in 2007-2008. Ian also served on Horwich Town Council and represented them as Mayor in 1988-1989. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.

* Mayor’s News: Mayor’s charity Event *

60’s night with the travellin’ strings at the Hilltops Social Club. Friday 27th March from 7pm. Tickets available from the Town Clerk. Price £10 to include a hot supper.

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